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Ravenfire Submitted on the 2011/05/25 15:16:00
By: RavenfireRavenfire is offline
Location : South Africa
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The following is lesson 12 of the course i used to teach for beginners:

Lesson 12

Just to recap, we said that pathworking, also known as Guided Meditation or Guided Imagery, refers to guided journeys undertaken within your own mind.

In its simplest form we simply close our eyes and imagine a picture that represents a part of our development. Such images can provide information about our problems, as well as our beliefs, hopes, fears, and resources.

Guided imagery frequently employs audiotapes and other methods to help the meditator imagine specific images, such as a calming or element balancing situation.

The difference between being told about it and actually working the path is the vividness with which the path is created within your imagination. Scent is one of the most primitive of the senses and hence very close to the unconscious mind.


go into a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.

You can use a small, dim lamp, or candlelight. The flickering light of a candle can stimulate the imagination.

You can either sit or lie down when you meditate but don't get too comfortable unless you know you will not fall asleep.

If you choose to sit you can use a comfortable, straight backed chair. You should sit bolt upright with your spine straight and you head held so your chin is level with the ground. Your hand should lie idly in your lap, palms up.

It is also fine to sit on the floor. Use the half lotus position if you know yoga If you don't know how to do this don't worry. Just relax and put all day to day thoughts out of your mind.

Now perform the Hall of Miracles counting down exercise.

When you have finishes counting down, turn on the tape recorder.


you are in a valley, it is a lush green place, with a small river flowing down the length of it. The river, clear and sparkling in the sunlight, is
just deep and wide enough to swim in, whilst the far bank is dominated by trees. They merge into a forest which stretches back to the mountains looming in the distance but on your side of the river.

Now follow the curve of the rock round to where a stone guards the
entrance to a cave. The stone is smooth and flat, perfectly round, but warm to the touch and just a little tingly. There is a faint blue glow surrounding it.

In the centre of this gate-stone is a symbol. Look at this symbol and remember. You may need it again.

The symbol is inlaid into the stone itself, and composed of a black volcanic glass. It is shiny and smooth, yet glows a bright blue as you
move your hand in front of it. The stone rolls back, slowly and

Now walk inside and notice how perfectly smooth the edges of the
gate-stone are, almost as though they had been cut in one smooth motion. As you pass on into the cave, look around at the walls and floor.

There are steps leading down. The top of the steps is dark until you
approach, then a sudden flare of light glitters on the walls and ceiling, where a million tiny sparkles seem to catch and reflect a silver light. The effect is magical.

As you slowly descend the steps, pause on each one and notice how the silver light follows you.

Eventually you reached the bottom stair, the 10th, and see a tunnel ahead of you. It is short and curving, lit by dancing firelight at the other end but dark apart from this.

Walk through the patch of darkness into the Hall. The hall is round. When you enter you are above the level of the floor, on a kind of walkway, formed by the low wall of the sunken floor.

You have to stoop as you pass a flaming torch bracketed to the wall.

Look around you and notice some of the things you see there. On the
wall a few antique swords hang, at regular intervals, with tapestries.
There are also a few statues, incredibly lifelike, of people you know.
Look and these statues and recognise them. Ask them why they are there and remember their answers.

Take a final look around, for it is time to return.

Return to the stairway and ascend the 5 steps to the walkway. . Go through the entrance to the tunnel. It is dark, but a silver glow comes from the stairs. Again the walls and ceiling fascinate you with their covering of flowing silver light.

Ascend the ten steps to the entrance to the cave

close the gate-stone and return along the path, round the rock, until you reach the river.

Slowly open your eyes. You are back in the waking world, feeling wonderful, refreshed and relaxed.

This pathworking was taken from another teachers monograph lessons and it was sent in by one of his students.

i am the light in the darkness of the abyss
Unity Submitted on the 2018/03/21 12:01:07
By: UnityUnity is offline
Location : South Africa
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Just to recap, we said that pathworking, also known as Guided Meditation or Guided Imagery, refers to guided journeys undertaken within your own mind.

“When an inner situation is not made conscious, it happens outside, as fate.”
C.G. Jung
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